A few months ago, or maybe it was weeks, I don’t know, I heard an interview with Rob Thomas saying how he had originally planned for Veronica Mars to be a boy, which got me thinking if Veronica was a boy, well Logan would be a girl and  I was doodling today, and this kind of happened. So I present to you lovely folks Logan Echolls genderbend edition. This was too fun to draw, expect a genderbend Veronica in the future.

This is becoming unhealthy. *hangs head in shame* 

feedback would be lovely 

I just realized that I haven’t watched Teen Wolf in a hot minute.

I was scrolling through my tv trying to find something to watch and saw that I had 5 episodes (counting tonights) of Teen Wolf to watch. Why….cause I’ve completely lost interest in it.

I mean I knew I was never going to get Sterek, I would have settled for Stydia, but Stalia….

I’m still not over losing Boyd, Erica and Allison. Then there’s the rest of the regular shit that bugs me about the show (can the Sheriff get a first name yet!) plus the ick factor of Malia Tate has just really put me on the meh bandwagon.

I’m just really not feeling TV Showrunners right now. Not at all.

imdreamingtoobitch asked:

Can you do more fake Facebook. With Olivia and Fitz. I love every single one them though

Short answer:


Long Answer: I wish I could…really I do…but my Scandal muse died the second I stopped enjoying the show. I never even finished last season cause I hated it so much. And it’s Shonda’s fault. She totally “fight clubbed” the show for me.


And now I can’t even enjoy The Trail or Happy Birthday Mr. President anymore because I know how it ends. Fuck you Shonda. Fuck you very much!

I’m happy you enjoyed them though!


Anonymous asked:

you are WHITE. stop posting about this shit cause you think it makes you look cool. Black Tumblr hates you anyways. they are just gonna tell you all white people suck. And they blow everything up and make it seem like some black kid getting shot is the end of the world. Black Tumblr has to be the most annoying thing on here. doesn't that shit bother you?





Fuck … had to debate for a moment on whether this complete rubbish was worth the energy and time to respond to (past the glass breaking over your head). This shit has me heated right now.

"you are WHITE"


Great observation. I’m white.

Now, by "this shit", I assume you are referring to what’s taking place in Ferguson, Missouri? While I may have no experience of being targeted for or discriminated against because of my complexion, I am very much in a position to see how wrong and ignorant that is. 

And I find myself pretty fuckin’ bothered by innocent kids getting murdered by scumbag police, who murder with impunity and operate completely outside of the law. It’s about time everyone, of every race, realized the police are serving corporate interests, not protecting or serving us in any way.


"Black Tumblr hates you anyways. they are just gonna tell you all white people suck."

Black Tumblr may hate YOU, because you are one of “those white people” that they are talking about (and the worst kind, cause you don’t think you are, lmao).

#1, most of the shit people say about white people on here is either mostly true, very funny, or both. #2, if you’re offended, deal with it, and move on. Your hurt feelings are not going to make it more difficult for you to find work and pay rent. Do you see the difference? Because when Blacks experience the prejudice of a white person, and the prejudice of a racially bias legal system, it affects their ability to GET A JOB, PAY RENT AND PURSUE HAPPINESS. Not to mention stay out of prison.

Instead of being ULTRA-SENSITIVE to your own feelings of importance, and ULTRA-INSENSITIVE to the immense struggle and pain that other people may have experienced, maybe try putting yourself in someone else’s shoes and imagine what that would be like. 


"And they blow everything up and make it seem like some black kid getting shot is the end of the world."

This really goes to the idea that racism, particularly the strength of institutionalized racism, somehow no longer exists … and this is false, and widely inaccurate. 

  • New and recent data (2012) shows that Black men are STILL receiving an average prison sentence that is 20% longer than White males in the comparable situations.
  • Black men earn 74.5% of what a white male earns, and Black women earn 69.6%for the same job with the same qualifications. 

Obviously, I could go on and on with these kinds of statistics. But it is LITERAL PROOF of the racism that continues to oppress anyone in America with a darker complexion. Do you know what colorism is, for example? Basically “light is right” is the motto … Imagine what it’s like growing up and being told you’re “too dark” or you have “bad hair”? Having “white hair” (relaxed) is important for a Black woman to even be able to get a job. How fucked up is that? The depth of race issues America continues to face is so far beyond this post’s scope.

And this isn’t just about “some black kid” getting shot … it’s about law enforcement being able to badly abuse their power without any consequences, particularly when they are abusing anyone who isn’t white. THIS IS JUST THE LAST MONTH:


Somehow, I’ve got this crazy idea in my head that each human being has a soul and that the body is merely a shell, a vessel, in which to experience this reality, and that infinite love is the only truth, and everything else is illusion.

So does Black Tumblr bother me? No.

All that shit I was talking about above, that’s what the fuck is bothering me.

I have never seen someone 100% win an argument, so calmly and thoroughly

God bless this post

The Problem with PR - I'm looking at you TeenWolf


This isn’t a site I was familiar with before now, but I’m about to become very familiar. This is an absolutely stellar article summing up pretty much my feelings on all things Teen Wolf right now. 

The writing is upbeat and interactive and drops enough truth bombs to keep you from getting bored. 

Seriously everyone, read this article. These are just a few of the gems you’ll find:

You cannot use your fans to win polls and popularity contests and then turn around and act like they’re the red-headed stepchild.

Don’t TELL me I’m going to love the character. MAKE ME love the character via the show. That’s the damn point.

Using the death of a main character as a PR stunt cheapens the emotional intensity of the moment and ruins the impact. In short, don’t do that.

They do things like that, which require some sort of critical thinking skills, and then they leave gaping plot holes and unanswered questions because they clearly don’t think anyone will be paying attention.

If you expect your audience to notice subtle things like that, to look beneath the surface, then stop getting mad at them when they notice other things.

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